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We empower top consultancies with first class research services, being the premium one-stop shop for programming and fielding.

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We bring together the expertise of top research agencies, the working spirit of leading consultancies, and the combined global fieldwork capabilities of trusted panel providers.
Our promise: Perfect service and best data quality

Full-Service Market Research

Managing a survey can be very time consuming and occupy valuable resources.

We can act as extended workbench to your case team, administering the consumer insights stream end-to-end.

This frees up capacity in your consultancy team to focus on the business questions of your client.

Global access to target groups

The landscape of trusted sources for survey respondents is constantly changing and each geography and target group requires the right choice of partners.

We are managing a worldwide pool of over 300 panel partners covering 167 markets with a continuous quality control and vetting system.

This gives you fast and reliable access to all B2B and B2C target groups worldwide.

Connecting insights to business

Consumer insights research is often run „bottom-up“, lacking connection to the „so what“ for the business.

Being specialized on working for consultancies, our senior researchers are always setting up the research „top-down“ with a clear connection to the business strategy.

This gives you more powerful data for your business models, market simulations and strategic client discussions.

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Professional questionnaire
design & execution


Worldwide access to consumers and business deciders


Full range of methods (Conjoint, Segmentation, MaxDiff, TURF, Kano, etc.)


Predicitive analytics & business case calculation


Intelligent use of AI

Designed for managing complexity

Our senior team has the „grey hair“ in mastering the most complex challenges for you. From niche targets in B2B to large scale multi-country and multi-method B2C surveys.

We have only senior team members

The consumer insights industry is a people business. Our team members all have hundreds of projects on their track record. This enables us to navigate through projects wisely and deliver consistently high sevice quality.

We work consultancy style

Strategy consultancies and the market research industry have significantly different working styles which results in frustration on both sides.

Our team is a mix of former consultants and market researchers which has established a perfect symbiosis.

This makes us the perfect partner for top tier consultancies and similarly demanding clients.

We manage the whole insights technology ecosystem for our clients

Technological innovations in sourcing respondents, AI-driven applications and big data are heavily disrupting the insights industry.

We are constantly scanning and piloting the market for innovation and build knowledge to maximize value add.

This gives our clients access to tested and approved innovation tech in the insights space.

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