The game has changed… and we know that.

Modern companies understand the value of the customer's voice. In order to meet the requirements of customer-centric organisations, we need to think beyond traditional market research. We enable you to unleash the full potential of data-driven decision making by combining the three ingredients that really make the difference.

Welcome to business intelligence 2020.

Partnership on eye level

We have many years’ experience of working with different clients in various industry-specific sectors. We understand the importance of listening and pro-actively shaping the collaboration by sharing best practice across all phases of a research. This also applies to our project approach, where we adapt to the situation and become part of your team.

Technology and methods

We combine our broad methodology portfolio with state of the art technology tools in order to realize your research goals. Wherever there is no quality solution on the market, we close the gap ourselves. This way we ensure highest speed to insights.

High performance team

Our team constellation comprises people with complementary backgrounds and yearlong working experiences. Prior work for top management consultancies, membership of survey engine developer forums, and execution of countless research projects form the basis for a powerful collaboration.

Work with us

Identify growth potential

Understand and identify consumer behavior in clearly defined segments. Prioritise your effort on the right target groups for future growth.

Align your brand portfolio

Find the sweet spot of your brand with a clear understanding of the targeted positioning. In case of a broader portfolio, precisely synchronize each brand in order to avoid cannibalization and fully exploit your market potential.

Future proof your product portfolio

Translate customer data to fuel your product innovation pipeline and stay ahead of the market. Pave the way for successful entry points with pricing and packaging.

Synchronize your channel strategy

... with the customer journey. Customers are divers and complex. Get to know your customers better and find out what motivates them to make purchase decisions. Study key drivers in their behavior in detail that significantly influence buying decisions.

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